Poor Binocular Coordination

Learning how vision therapy has helped people overcome challenges of all kinds can be a true inspiration for anyone just beginning this journey. As you read testimonials about how VT has changed the lives of our patients, and of others from around the country, you’ll better understand how it can change your own.

From Our Office

Improvements for College Student in Reading and Homework

I am writing to express my appreciation and gratitude to the Excel Eye Institute. Before I started the program I would dread doing homework. I would never read for fun. On rare occasions when I would read for long periods of time, I would experience dizziness or a tired feeling behind my eyes.

When I came to Excel, they diagnosed my eyes as not work-ing together as a team. As I would start to read a line of text, my eyes would jump back and forth constantly. Due to my eyes jumping back and forth so much, it lowered my comprehension level quite a bit.

When I started the program I was a 23 year old college student. I worked with my therapist, Jennifer, twice a week for six months. We started the program with “Movement” or balance work. Then we went on to the “Ocular Motor” phase.

The end results speak for themselves. First of all, I’ve never read for fun. Now I buy books and I read everyday! Secondly, I can do all of my homework and breeze through all my textbooks with no problems. I’ve also improved my GPA over the summer.

Thank you for everything,
Ryan N. Boes

Great Experience at Excel and Improvements in Classwork

“My name is Carolyn Andre. I attended Excel Institute in 2005. Let me just say that it was not only an excellent experience then, but it has also helped me now and I’m sure it will continue to in the future.

I wasn’t doing well in school, it was never my thing. I started to get bad grades, so my mother took me to Excel. Right away they diagnosed my problem; my eyes did not work together. It
made reading hard because one eye would read faster than the other.

They got to work helping me. The work wasn’t hard; it was fun. I learned all my presidents in order just from looking at a few pictures. I amazed people when I would just start naming them off be-cause at the time I was only 10! The therapists at Excel did a lot of cool stuff with me. If I wouldn’t have gone to Excel then I would never have gotten into the high school varsity choir, because it would have been hard for me to read music.

Before Excel, I almost gave up. My classes now are hard but rewarding and I get good grades in them! You may think Excel won’t help your child. That’s how I felt too at one time, but if you just imagine your child’s future, you’ll see how rewarding Excel can be!

I am proud to say that I am now a strong, smart, friendly, wonderful 15 year old girl, who would be in deep trouble if it wasn’t for Excel.”

Carolyn recently participated in Miss Teen Detroit Pageant. Excel Institute was proud to be one of her sponsors. She has blossomed into a beautiful, talented young lady. Dr Haba and the staff at Excel are proud to have played a role in her life. We know Carolyn has many more years of success ahead of her.

From Around The Country

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