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Learning how vision therapy has helped people overcome challenges of all kinds can be a true inspiration for anyone just beginning this journey. As you read testimonials about how VT has changed the lives of our patients, and of others from around the country, you’ll better understand how it can change your own.

From Our Office

Dad Sees Great Improvement in Son’s School Work.

Wesley was really struggling in school. He’s a bright boy, but was having trouble with reading, writing and spelling. Because he was not succeeding in these subject areas, he avoided them, which his teacher interpreted to be an attention problem. The school principal was urging me to have him tested by a doctor for ADD, with the end goal being medication. Fortunately for us, another administrator in our district was familiar with vision therapy, and referred us to Dr. Haba at Excel Institute. Since starting therapy, Wesley’s reading and writing skills have improved dramatically, and his spelling is much better. He now looks forward to reading, and stays on task longer with better comprehension. Wesley is really looking forward to school this fall. An unexpected benefit of the therapy is Wesley no longer suffers from motion sickness, which was a problem for him before therapy. I would recommend the Excel Institute highly to anyone-they really helped my son!

Dramatic Jump in I.Q. After Vision Therapy

Dear Dr. Haba, Enclosed please find the results for Brandon’s testing completed yesterday. I was aware things were going better, but nothing prepared me for the shock I received. Please sit down. Brandon’s I.Q. has jumped again. Depending on which test, between 30 and 40 points in the last year. If you will remember, his I.Q. when I came to you was considered borderline. He is now in the superior to very superior range. This flies in the face of conventional wisdom that asserts I.Q. is stagnant and cannot be changed. At Christmas time something snapped for him. His attention span was better and things were easier. After all the therapies, money, and time spent, it is so worth it. He is so worth it. It has been a journey, not always easy; sacrifices have been made. Thank you for opening your doors (and keeping them open) and offering your guidance, support and wisdom through this. He will go to college in a few years, something only dreamed of before. The course of his life has been changed; we may have lost him on his prior course. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Sincerely, DeEtte Myers

The Mouse and the Motorcycle

I just graduated from Vision Therapy at Excel Institute.

My mom noticed I was having problems with reading and taking tests as early as 2nd grade. My teach-ers assured us my learning was fine.

The summer before 4th grade I had to read “The Mouse and the Motorcycle.” It was very difficult for me to read and remember what I read. My mom got a tutor. She was good but I needed more.

In January I got my eyes checked by Dr. Haba and she detected some red flag areas. I was tested for Vi-sion Therapy. Testing showed eye tracking problems, comprehension and visual
memory problems. One test I scored in the 1st percentile (4 year old).

I worked hard, played and laughed with Jane, my therapist for 24 weeks. I loved my sessions and working with Jane.

What I loved most was seeing Dr. Haba’s face at evaluations. I blew her away every time. I practiced 5 days a week. It was fun and I can tell you all the president’s names!

I loved being at Excel and am going to miss everyone. I am happy to say I went from a 2nd grade read-ing level to a 6th grade reading level. The test that I scored in the 1st percentile before Vision Therapy now shows I am in the 85th percentile. Wow!

Improvements in School and Sports

My 13 year old son, Andrew Klein, was having problems with reading and comprehension. When he was tested at Excel, it was discovered that he was barely reading at a third grade level. While he was able to get good grades in elementary, I had to help him study. I know as he moved into Junior High that things had to change or he would soon be struggling. Andrew was unable to get a picture in his head of anything he read. He had learned to overcome this by teachers or myself telling him the information.

Andrew attended Excel Institute and worked with his therapist, Jane. She was wonderful! The homework was simple and often fun. After vision therapy, Andrew is reading at an 8th grade level. He is able to get a picture in his head when he reads. His MEAP scores improved in all areas.

Andrew has always been very athletic. After vision therapy his batting average improved and his coaches have noticed a change in him. Andrew also worked with Pam to learn different study techniques. Excel has been a positive experience for our family. Thanks to everyone for all your help!

Mrs. Linda Kline

Success for Addy – Reading Jumps Up 4 Grade Levels

Addy began the Excel Institute of Shelby program at the end of 2nd grade. She came to the program because she had a difficult time reading—she could not comprehend anything that she read—which was discovered in 1st grade. Addy complained that the words would move on the page, sometimes she would see double, suffer from headaches and motion sickness. Although Addy participated in the school’s reading program and received tutoring after school, her situation wasn’t getting any better. In fact, it was getting worse.

Because Addy was being pulled out of class every day, she suffered from low self-esteem. She began to view herself as stupid in all subjects, not just reading. She became a shy, scared little girl at school. She was afraid to ask questions or speak out for fear she would look as dumb as she felt.

Within two weeks of starting the Excel Institute program, I noticed changes in Addy. She was becoming less shy and intimidated in public. She began speaking out more at school and becoming more like the child I see every day at home. One day, Addy ran up to me all excited because she just read a funny book and she wanted to share it with me. This was huge! She explained the entire story in detail.

In a year and a half of participating in the school’s reading program, Addy’s reading level went up one or two levels. In one year with Excel, her reading went up four levels. Addy is not yet reading at grade level, but when you look at where her improvement is measurable, it’s massive and it’s exciting.

Mrs. Pam Phillips

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