Convergence Insufficiency

Learning how vision therapy has helped people overcome challenges of all kinds can be a true inspiration for anyone just beginning this journey. As you read testimonials about how VT has changed the lives of our patients, and of others from around the country, you’ll better understand how it can change your own.

From Our Office

Eyes Work as a Team and Improved Confidence

Heather Graham’s parents came to Excel seeking answers for problems their daughter was having. She was skipping words and lines when reading and having trouble with spelling. Heather was getting hurt often from little accidents that would be attributed to being clumsy.

Heather was diagnosed with convergence insufficiency; her eyes were not working together as a team. Also, Heather’s eye muscles were not allowing her to follow text in a smooth line across the page. Vision therapy gave her the right tools to use her vision properly. We also introduced Heather to visual thinking and taught her skills that will help her retain information she learns.

Heather in her own words. “Have you ever been to vision therapy? I have. It was so fun and I loved it!. Here is my success story.

My first week of vision therapy was a little easy. I got better and better as I practiced my home work. A couple weeks later it got a little harder. My therapist, Jane, had faith in me and the more I practiced the better I got. By the time there were just 3 or 4 weeks of therapy left my eyes were working as a team. If you have bad eyes that don’t work together then I suggest you go to vision therapy at Excel.”

Heather’s hard work paid off. She is ready to face her school work with confidence. She now has the necessary tools to succeed in her learning adventures. If your child is struggling in school call Excel Institute. We can help!

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Convergence Insufficiency
Success in School