Amblyopia, Diplopia, Strabismus

Learning how vision therapy has helped people overcome challenges of all kinds can be a true inspiration for anyone just beginning this journey. As you read testimonials about how VT has changed the lives of our patients, and of others from around the country, you’ll better understand how it can change your own.

From Our Office

Results with Adult Lazy Eye

I took eye therapy in 1950 when I was eight years old. I wore patches on my glasses an did eye exercises at home every day for several years. As an adult, my problem manifested itself again as my eye turned out more, my vision was not as sharp as it was; and reading, especially in the evening, was harder. I also experienced having my eye turn out so far that it would actually hurt.

I changed eye doctors several times hoping eventually I would get a doctor that could help me. Finally, out of desperation, I went on the Internet and typed in “adult lazy eye” and up popped Excel Institute of Shelby addressing my concerns of adult lazy eye. Excel sent me some information in the mail and shortly afterwards I made my first appointment to see Dr. Haba.

Right away I knew I found “my doctor.” She knew exactly what I was talking about when I explained what I was experiencing. She fitted me with new glasses and shortly after I started my 12 weeks of eye therapy. I immediately liked and felt comfortable with Jane, my therapist. She made eye therapy fun and I was eager to learn more each week.

I have completed my 12 weeks of in office therapy and am now working once a day on Home Therapy System (HTS), a very challenging computer program. I am so pleased to say that even at 64 there are results and hope!

Julia Kroctsch

Success Controlling Both Eyes

My daughter, Oana, was diagnosed with amblyopia (one eye working harder than the other eye) and started therapy in at Excel Institute of Shelby. When she began therapy she could not see well through her right eye because she was forcing herself to look through her left eye only. After therapy, she can control both eyes thoroughly and see correctly.

At the beginning of vision therapy I was a bit skeptical not knowing if this would produce results. Now I am the happiest mother in the world because my daughter, who is an “A: student, can fulfill her dreams and live her life the way she plans. She will not have others tell her what her limits are.

I recommend this to all parents that have children with this problem. Vision therapy is hard work, but as soon as you see results, it will be worth every second and every penny. This can change your child’s life forever. Thank you Dr. Haba and therapists who helped Oana.

Mrs. Isabela Vesa

From Around The Country

Adults and Children Treated for Lazy Eye