Visual Rehab for Special Needs Success Stories

Vision therapy can be extremely beneficial in the treatment of developmental delays, visual perceptual/visual motor deficits, attention deficit disorders and autism spectrum disorders.

Success Stories

Vision Therapy Improved Reading, Visualization and Coordination

Mrs. Stirnemann was so delighted with her son’s Vision Therapy she wanted to share his accomplishments with others. Please read her story below and be encouraged by their success.

“My son, David, is 12 years old and has struggled with low muscle tone and other learning challenges since he was born. We have worked hard doing physical and occupational therapy his entire life. While PT and OT have helped him greatly, neither were able to address his struggles with slow, labored reading, tired eyes and other perceptual difficulties.

Vision therapy has helped David’s reading fluency, his ability to visualize ideas and words, improved his handwriting and improved his coordination. Before Vision Therapy, David’s eyes worked so hard to perform what for many people are simple visual tasks. By strengthening his ocular muscles and training his eyes (and brain) to work together many of life’s daily tasks are easier for him, and he enjoys success in areas where he used to fail. There is hope and help available to your child also. Vision Therapy works.”

Mrs. Stirnemann

Improvement with Vision Therapy

Nathan has Cerebral Palsy and with his vision therapy we are seeing steady progress. To be successful in treating him, the therapists have had to be one step ahead of him using unique and innovative approaches because of Nathan’s ability to memorize patterns. Nathan is beginning to trust what he sees as the primary information gathering method.

Mr. & Mrs. Cibula


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