Sports Vision Improvement Success Stories

Strong visual skills are critical to success in sports. Through vision therapy, we can measure and improve eye-hand coordination, visual reaction time, peripheral vision, eye focusing, eye tracking and teaming, visualization skills, and more.

Success Stories

Improved Coordination and More Enjoyment of Sports.

After 30 sessions of vision therapy at Excel Institute Josie made honor roll at school! Josie’s mother, Paula, confirms that therapy improved her coordination and she likes participating in sports now. Reading skills improved also. Mrs. Jane made therapy sessions fun, especially the balance board. We are so proud of Josie and the hard work she put into her therapy and homework. She is a testament that hard work pays off.

Improvements in School and Sports

My 13 year old son, Andrew Klein, was having problems with reading and comprehension. When he was tested at Excel, it was discovered that he was barely reading at a third grade level. While he was able to get good grades in elementary, I had to help him study. I know as he moved into Junior High that things had to change or he would soon be struggling. Andrew was unable to get a picture in his head of anything he read. He had learned to overcome this by teachers or myself telling him the information.

Andrew attended Excel Institute and worked with his therapist, Jane. She was wonderful! The homework was simple and often fun. After vision therapy, Andrew is reading at an 8th grade level. He is able to get a picture in his head when he reads. His MEAP scores improved in all areas.

Andrew has always been very athletic. After vision therapy his batting average improved and his coaches have noticed a change in him. Andrew also worked with Pam to learn different study techniques. Excel has been a positive experience for our family. Thanks to everyone for all your help!

Mrs. Linda Kline


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