Comprehensive Evaluation

Behavioral Vision Evaluation

This initial evaluation combines a comprehensive eye health and vision examination with testing of a patient’s visual skills and processing capabilities. The evaluation requires approximately one hour. Cost is approximately $340.

Perceptual Evaluation

If the behavioral vision evaluation reveals visual processing difficulties, a perceptual evaluation is conducted to determine the extent of the developmental abnormalities. This is a battery of tests used to examine a wide array of developmental skills, including: Moro reflex, gross motor, infantile reflex, balance rhythm, receptive and expressive language, visual motor, spatial awareness, eye movement, comprehension, visual discrimination, visual memory, attentive fields and peripheral awareness. The evaluation requires approximately two hours with a single therapist. Cost is approximately $335, which includes a comprehensive report and patient conference.

Customized Treatment / Vision Therapy

Based on the results of our comprehensive evaluation process, a customized plan of treatment is developed by Dr. Haba and her staff of vision therapists. In-office and home therapy may be used to address such areas as: gross motor, fine motor, ocular motor, binocular rehabilitation, Syntonics (light therapy), Interactive Metronome, visual thinking, and academic training. Depending upon the severity of the problems, weekly or biweekly sessions are conducted over a period of three months to a year. Costs vary, generally ranging from $2,500 to $8,500.