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The Vision Quiz is the first step toward assessing if a student has a vision problem.

How often does the student

experience headaches from near work?

Question 1 of 18

experience words running together when reading?

Question 2 of 18

experience burning, itchy, or watery eyes?

Question 3 of 18

skip or repeat lines when reading?

Question 4 of 18

tilt his or her head or close one eye when reading?

Question 5 of 18

experience difficulty in copying from the board?

Question 6 of 18

omit small words when reading?

Question 7 of 18

write uphill or downhill?

Question 8 of 18

mis-align digits/columns of number?

Question 9 of 18

show signs of low reading comprehension?

Question 10 of 18

hold reading material too close?

Question 11 of 18

have trouble keeping attention while reading?

Question 12 of 18

have difficulty in completing assignments on time?

Question 13 of 18

say 'I can’t' before trying?

Question 14 of 18

experience clumsiness or knocks things over?

Question 15 of 18

not utilize his or her time well?

Question 16 of 18

lose his or her belongings or things?

Question 17 of 18

experience forgetfulness or poor memory?

Question 18 of 18

A score of 20 or more points indicates the need for a specialized vision exam.

A specialized vision exam tests the entire visual system and is performed by a Behavioral Optometrist. Following this specialized vision exam, it may be determined that vision therapy is recommended.

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